Agro Industries Kino Factory

It was very imperative to get this high quality natural produce (Kino) to the international markets, to make others understand the high value and quality standards of Pakistani Mandarin (Kino).


To meet the International quality standard and supply, a modern plant was installed and that was the establishment of Tropcial King. Our pack house is equipped with a leading Citrus processing plant where Kino is processed on automatic washing, waxing & grading plant by using high quality wax mixed with necessary fungicides like Imzallil and Thiabendazole. We have pre- cooling facilities for about 1000M/Ton at a time where pulp temperature of the kino is maintained at 4┬░c to pre-cool the fruit in a germ free environment with cutting edge technology. About 200 dedicated cadre of specialist work force picks/packs the finest quality of Kino(Mandarin).


Daily production of this plant is 125 to 150 Metric Tons.






A View of  Processing of Kinos (Mandarins)

Agro Kino FactoruView of Labour Working in Factory


View of Labour Workig in FactoryWashing of Kinnos