Raaz Mango & Aroma Mango

"King of Fruits", mango is one of the most popular and best-loved fruits worldwide. Hundreds of varieties of mangoes are known to exist in Pakistan.Pakistan is the fifth largest producer and third largest exporter of mangos in the world, producing 1,674,000 tons annually with the Gulf and Saudi Arabia as traditional emport markets.


The fruit is most­ly eaten fresh as a dessert. It is also processed into preserves, juices, jams, jellies, nectars as well as crisp mango chips, which are eaten as snacks.


From flower to harvest, our mangos are truly the most pampered of all mangos.  They are grown in rich soil of sargodha , Punjab Pakistan.The mango farms are meticulously cared for.  Each tree is carefully pruned so the fruit-bearing branches receive uniform exposure to the sun.  The groves are kept free of dead branches and debris that could cause harm to the fruit.

We are using technologically innovative pest management and fertilization processes.Our mangos are left on the trees until they reach the perfect maturity for picking.  Each mango is individualy examined fod the color and quality of the skin and the color of the flesh, before packing.


Proccessing And Grading Process


Our mango is harvested by hand.  The fruit that falls from the tree is tossed out.  To prevent the slightest bruise, the mangos are gently placed in baskets and loaded onto small trucks and driven a short distance to an on-site packing center.  First, the freshly picked mangos are bathed in an organic solution to remove tree sap.

They are then bathed in 115 - 115.5 degree (F) water for 70 to 90 minutes to eradicate insect larvae.
Water used in this process comes from natural wells and is purified to a international standards
The mangos are then hydro-cooled to 70 degrees; air dried, and packed in specially-designed boxes to ensure proper airflow around each mango.  The boxes are individually padded to prevent bruising to the mangos during their trip to market.