Raaz  Basmati Rice

Raaz & Welcome Basmati Rice


Pakistan is the producer of the world’s finest long grained aromatic basmati rice. Basmati, the king of rice, is held in the highest regard world over. Among all the other varieties of rice, none have the distinctive long grains or the subtle aroma for which this grain is considered so special. This also justifies the premium this rice commands against all other rice of the world


We are growing rice in the most fertile valleys and plains of Pakistan. It is harvested by hand with delicate care, aged to perfection and then processed. The result is an extra long, pearly white, delicate grain with an irresistible aroma and delectable taste.


Our grading and packaging process is also designed with the help of state of the art technology. We always try to deliver extra value for our customer.


Quality and responsiveness are key in our products. Out all orders are always before final date of delivery. We strive to achieve this with the help of proper coordination and efficient management procedures.